Christmas Cards

Short post, but I have to know if it’s just me….

Every year we are getting less and less Christmas cards, but more and more “photo cards” — you know, the photo that says “Merry Christmas” and has a picture of your family/friend and their kids and pets on there? The same pictures you saw them smear all over Facebook a couple weeks prior? You know the ones I’m talking.

I got one in the mail today from my husbands brother and wife (4th one so far this year– same idea, different color scheme). “Happy Holidays from the Laughlins“, and it showed a picture of my in-laws, another picture of our niece and nephew, and the two family golden retrievers. There was nothing written on it. No note, or paper-stock card.There was not a “Merry Christmas Aunt and Uncle”. nothing. It was a mass produced photo, stuffed in an enveloped and mailed to us, as if saying “our lives are too busy to actually personalize a Christmas card — so please enjoy this mass produced photo of our family to yours”.

I love seeing pictures of the family though! Don’t get me wrong, I “like” damn near every one of their thousands of pictures they put up each month of Facebook. But for the holidays, I would actually like to hear from them. I would like the kids to scribble their names, and a quick note wishing us a personalized Merry Christmas. I don’t want to be grouped up with the masses. I want us all to take a step back this Christmas and not feel so rushed. Send out some personalized Christmas cards, stuff a photo of the kids and Fido in there too — but lets making people feel like you actually took the time and effort to think about them this season, and write them a letter.

Is it just me? Am I the only one that feels a little jaded by not seeing anything hand written except for my zip code on the front of the letter? or am I just being irrational and selfish?

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Cards

  1. Jen

    I guess everyone is different. We don’t have kids yet, but since we we’ve been married we’ve always sent out photo Christmas cards of the two of us with our dogs, we have “Christmas pictures” taken every fall….I love that we have a nice family picture once a year. I love all things Christmas, and I love photo Christmas cards.

    With that said, it does bother me when we get photo Christmas cards and the only pic is of their kid. Yes, I realize it’s a sensitive topic for me, but it just seems odd that the mom & dad aren’t anywhere to be found on the card.

    • I do love family photos, we have them with our pups too- I just wish there were personalization or a hand written note along with it- not just a mass produced photo… I actually love writting christmas cards out, and I throw a photo in:)

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